How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account


The world of social media is changing rapidly, and while last month you might have been happy to send a snap or create a story on Snapchat, this month the service may seem boring and unhelpful to you.

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

Deleting the Snapchat application from your smartphone will not close your account, and we are trying through the following article to explain how to disable, delete and deactivate your account.

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

Deactivate the account:

Unlike other social media platforms, Snap does not allow you to temporarily deactivate your account, and the only way to deactivate your Snapchat account is to go through the deletion process, which gives you 30 days to reactivate your Snap account.

And if you want to use this method to see if you can live without social service, follow the advice on how to delete a Snap account below.

You can then set a reminder a few days before the 30-day deadline in order to make your final decision on whether to deactivate or reactivate your account.

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

Before deleting your Snapchat account, you may want to download your Snapchat data, and you can choose to do so at any time, knowing that you need a verified email address to download your data, for security reasons.

You cannot download your Snapchat data through the app, you only need to do so via the Snap website through this link.

You must first be logged into your account, and the site then asks you to verify your identity by entering a code that it sends to you via a text message or your registered email address.

After following the process, your data will appear on the main page of the account, and the screen will explain the type of data that Snapchat contains in your file, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click on the option to send the request.

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

You should receive a copy of your Snapchat data as a ZIP file to your verified email address, usually within 24 hours.

And you need to wait to receive your data before deleting the Snap account, otherwise the ZIP file will not be sent.

Permanently delete a Snap account:

As we explained earlier, the Snap account deletion process gives you a 30-day period which means you can change your mind within that time frame.

To start this process, go to the Snapchat account management screen via this link, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the “Delete my account” option, and after clicking on this option, the “Delete Account” page appears that gives you an insight into the process.

And if you're sure what you think, enter your username and password and hit the big yellow Continue button.

Your Snapchat account will no longer exist, as the account is now officially deactivated, which means that friends will not be able to contact you on Snapchat, and after 30 days, your account is permanently deleted.

And if you change your mind within the 30-day suspension period, you can reactivate the account, and simply log into Snapchat with your username and password.

How to permanently delete a Snapchat account

Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours before you can reactivate the deactivated account, and if you try to do so within 24 periods, you might see an error message saying: The user cannot be found, all you have to do is wait for several hours and try again .

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