Google is working on an AI image generation feature for Gboard

Google is working on an AI image generation feature for Gboard


Google is working on a new feature for its Gboard keyboard application on the Android operating system that allows users to create images from written texts, through artificial intelligence techniques. This feature is called Imagen Keyboard.

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The name of the feature - which Google has not yet officially announced - was mentioned in the source code for the latest beta version of the Gboard keyboard, and this indicates its imminent arrival during a near keyboard update, according to 9to5Google.

The Imagen Keyboard feature is expected to appear in the quick bar or the keyboard home page, along with features such as the Clipboard and one-handed mode.

Imagen Keyboard is similar to the popular OpenAI-owned DALL-E 2 service, which can generate images based on user requests. The new feature in the keyboard depends on the Google Imagen service similar to DALL-E 2, but it is still not open to all users.

Google is working on an AI image generation feature for Gboard

Imagen helps create images from written text easily. It uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to understand the meaning behind the text and create an image that expresses that meaning.

This feature comes as part of Google's broader efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, as the company is currently working on more than 20 products that use artificial intelligence technologies, including a wallpaper maker for Pixel phones, a tool for summarizing videos, and creating a new video.

  • This comes as Google faces increasing competition from other technology companies, such as Microsoft and OpenAI. Hence, the company is investing heavily in developing new AI technologies that can help it stay ahead and introduce new and innovative products and services.
  • Imagen Keyboard is an exciting new step that could make it easier for users to communicate and express their thoughts visually, and represents another step forward in Google's broader strategy in the field of artificial intelligence. Although it is still not known when the feature will be officially launched, it is clear that Google is committed to staying ahead of the current revolution in artificial intelligence and introducing new and innovative products and services to help users work and communicate more effectively.

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