Pros and Cons of OneDrive Cloud Storage

Pros and Cons of OneDrive Cloud Storage


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There are many cloud storage services that you can rely on to store your files. Among them is Microsoft's OneDrive platform. In fact, OneDrive is still a question mark for many. Many do not know whether it can be classified as a good service, or a bad one, as it literally provides you with good and bad services at the same time! So in this topic, we will break down some of the advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of the OneDrive cloud storage service

What is OneDrive cloud storage?

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service, which this company is best known for as part of its Office 365 package. After creating your own account and installing the software (mostly in Windows 10), OneDrive allows you to create a new drive on your computer. This disk is where you can store any type of file or information in the cloud, and you can access it from any device that includes the OneDrive program or application after logging in with your own account. Like any other cloud service, all your files are kept safe, no one can access them. You can also access it anytime you want as long as you are online.

Best Features and Pros of OneDrive?

OneDrive comes with some good advantages that will make you use it, the most important of which may be:

  • Full Windows Compatibility: Configuring the cloud can be a hassle for users on new PCs, but OneDrive has a cool trick. Windows now allow you to log in with your personal account in the entire system to install different applications. When you do it also logs you into OneDrive and fetches files stored in the cloud.
  • Part of the Office 365 package: If you are a person who uses Microsoft for business, such as a custom email industry, you will definitely need Office 365. It is a package that brings all the features of the Microsoft platform to you from software, calendar, and flexible cloud storage through the OneDrive service.
  • Automatic storage of your email content Outlook: One of the things I personally like about OneDrive is that you can store the files you receive in your Outlook mail. If you receive a file, documents, or documents in your email, there is no need to save the email, you can transfer its content directly to be stored in OneDrive.
  • Great compatibility with all Microsoft systems and services: Microsoft, like Google, tries to make its services interconnected with each other in order to be easy to use in one go. OneDrive accepts this, as Doc or XLSX files, for example, can be stored directly on OneDrive while creating a new document. Full compatibility with all Microsoft services via OneDrive.
  • And many other features that OneDrive cloud storage offers you.

Pros and cons of OneDrive?

OneDrive is not a pure angel, but it also has many flaws, on top of which are:

Free storage space is weak: while platforms like Yoshare Cloud allow you up to 20GB free, other services such as different spaces. OneDrive only gives you 5GB of free storage space, which is very weak compared to the competition. Which makes the idea of ​​using it as a free service for some time, rejected by many.

Not compatible with all systems: We mentioned how professional and compatible OneDrive is with Windows, but it is the opposite with other systems. Especially on Linux, you can't use OneDrive officially on Linux. And if you want to do that, you have to download the unofficial InSync software in order to ensure its operation.

Bad when it comes to sharing files with others: One of the best things about cloud storage is sharing content with others.

In OneDrive, you can't share files by right-clicking, for example, and copying the link. You have to create a so-called Sharing Center, create a custom sharing system, and a lot of other problems. Which makes the experience of sharing files with others so bad!

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