What is OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive

What is OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has been keen to provide services to its users and create them first-hand, and as a cloud storage unit, OneDrive is generally similar to Google Drive, iCloud, and many other services recently deployed in the context of online storage.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive can be defined as a service that provides the user with free online storage space and has a high degree of security. For the purposes of storing sensitive data that prevents access to it, such as tax data, images, etc., in addition to the ability to design presentations and spreadsheets and keep them online, the data remains stored and available around the clock, and the service can be obtained through an Internet connection, Wit browser, OneDrive application, and a Microsoft account also.

This is referred to as a storage platform that relies mainly on the Internet with a large amount of space for each person who owns a Microsoft account, and this helps to provide hard disk space on the device by exploiting the OneDrive space, and with regard to space, it reaches 5 GB free, and later it can be purchased extra space; So $2 is paid for 50 GB.

How to use OneDrive?

The following are the most important valuable uses that can be obtained through OneDrive, including 4

  • Register or create a Microsoft account.
  • Synchronize your device's desktop with OneDrive.
  • Using web links to share files with other users, can be done by e-mail or via text.
  • Efficiently control music files and clips, whether videos or audio.
  • The ability to synchronize between the smartphone and OneDrive, as helps open the horizon for the user to edit, modify and perform the necessary on his files while moving away from the fixed device.
  • It keeps backup copies of files, and it also keeps the modifications made by the user at any time to the saved data.
  • Upload images and upload them automatically from the device to OneDrive.

Features of OneDrive?

Among the most important features that OneDrive service provides to its users:*

The ability to access data and files stored on this platform at any time and any place, and access is to the last update of the data.
Access to stored content without the need for a permanent connection to the Internet, as it is not an urgent necessity to have an Internet connection; The data can be used without it.
Enjoying a high degree of security and privacy without fear for sensitive data, and confidence comes from this due to the use of SSL encryption,
Allow sharing of files of various types with other users via emails and social media.
Allow files to be scanned and stored with ease.
Provides a link expiration service, where you can specify a time to stop sharing a link or file when that specified date is reached.
There is an automatic saving feature for information and data.
Supporting artificial intelligence in the search process to reach the relevant results as accurately as possible.
Shortening the time and effort, as the intended folder can be accessed as quickly as possible, as it can search for texts written on images as well to access it.
Encouraging a collaborative work environment by sharing files with others.
Providing the information employees need over time in organizations.*
Get OneDrive
It is necessary to do the necessary to obtain free “OneDrive” storage space, by obtaining it as follows:*

Get OneDrive?

On the operating system: You can visit “File Explorer” to access OneDrive, and this service can also be selected when starting to save files, and it can also be used on tablets, Xbox ones, and cell phones running on Windows systems.
OneDrive for mobile devices: It is possible to visit the application store of the mobile device and download the OneDrive application from it.

OneDrive uses?

The uses of OneDrive are divided according to the number of people who do it, and they are as follows:*

Personal use: This helps to get rid of the problem of full memory completely, as the user transfers images and files of various types and capacities to the space available to him in OneDrive.
Commercial use: In this case, an ideal working atmosphere is achieved among employees, as Office 365 applications are integrated and shared through this service, and storage capacity is available up to 1 TB due to the consideration of the business

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