semrush google

semrush google


What is SEMRush ?

SEMRush is a web analytics tool. It is responsible for providing integrated data on user searches, ranking rate and appearance within the search results page or Search Engine Result Page for short - SERP -

semrush google

You can use this tool to get results about your domain as well as your competitors.

Known as a complete competitor analysis service, SEMRush has been widely used by professionals in their SEO strategies.

semrush google

Whoever works on preparing the content - directly or indirectly - knows that it is not enough to write good texts only in order for your page to rank well in Google and other search engines.

You should always pay attention to what the audience is looking for in order to offer something attractive, valuable. Something that shines among all the other pages on the Internet.

Fulfilling all the requirements on your own is complicated, especially in a digital environment, where competition is huge and continues to grow rapidly.

There are many sites and ways to work and bring traffic from the Internet, for more information, read the following article:

The most powerful ways to make money from the Internet

semrush google

Those who cannot invest now, or are not ready to pay a monthly amount to the platform, can use the free version of SEMRush. However, this platform imposes some limitations that prevent you from enjoying all the features of this tool for free.

In the free version, for example, there is a limit of 10 researches per day, while in the paid plan in its simplest form you can make 3000 daily requests of analytical reports.

Another negative point is related to the number of results in a single search. If you use SEMRush for free, you can check only 10 results.

So when you search with a specific domain you will have access to the first 10 keywords assigned to it, while in the paid and cheaper version you will get about 10,000 search results.

If you really want to invest in a content marketing strategy, we recommend that you subscribe to one of the sponsored versions of the tool, to use all the functions and features that SEMRush has to offer.

There are Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise packages which offer different benefits for subscribers, depending on your business needs.

SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tool Review semrush google

The SEMRUSH program or tool is one of the best tools for developing your website in terms of searching for keywords from competing sites for your site. It is a search engine for websites and marketing details (SEM).

Free trial

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to search for keywords and track their ranking through search engines, or check the number of backlinks for your site or other sites, this tool provides all this and more.

Details about trying SEMRUSH:

* SEMrush is one of the best websites and an essential tool for competition and keyword research to get more visitors to your website or blog using this tool! It is also a powerful and complete online marketing tool.

semrush google

I tried to use several tools in this process (including tools like Moz, Ahrefs). While SEMRUSH is better because it has many great features.


In the control panel, you can get all the statistics and analyzes for your site without complication.


SEMRUSH provides the keyword for your site (or any other site) once you are done you can track it via its location in all major search engines based on geolocation.


I emphasize the geographical location feature because it is important for those who target specific countries such as Germany, Britain, Australia, India, the United States and others to know the keywords targeted in these particular countries. You can also use this feature to know the ranking of your site in certain countries in search engines.


You can also find more statistical details related to specific keywords and keywords related to your site.

All you have to do is add the domain name:

Domain Report Page:

Keyword: The rank of the keyword for specific pages across the search engine.

This data is taken from

Find the average CPC.

Provides a number of search engine results.

You can find profitable keywords over the past 12 months.

You will find the best 200 keywords for that domain and also get a detailed report on the backlink for any domain, website or blog online with the website link. You can import the keywords you searched for, but in the paid plan.

semrush google


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