google adwords eu marketing strategia marketing google ads thinkwithgoogle

google adwords eu marketing strategia marketing google ads thinkwithgoogle


If you intend to spend a certain amount of money on advertising, in order to achieve quick results, you must first think about how you will place your investment, the right way is the one that guarantees good results. Have you thought about Google adwords platform where you can create ads tailored to your target audience.

In this article I will focus with you specifically on setting up and running search campaigns, I will be with you step by step to show you how to create and configure a Google adwords account in order to achieve satisfactory results from the first ad campaign.


How to create and configure your account for ads on Google Adwords

What is the Google Adword Ads Platform?

How to create an account on (Google Adword)

Features of the Google Adwords platform

Are ads on the Google Adword platform fruitful and worth a try?!

Terms you must know before starting your first advertising campaign

1- Ad placement (Google Adword Rank)

2- Bidding

1- Cost Per Click II CPC

2- Cost Per Mille II CPM

3- Cost Per Engagement II CPE

3 - Conversion Rate

4- Campaign Type

1- Google Adword ads on the Search Ads network

2- Google Adword ads on the Google Display Network

3- Video ads

5- Ad Extensions

6- Keywords

7- Quality Score

How do you set up a Google Adword account?

Steps to Analyze Ad Performance

Link your account to Google Analytics

Add UTM codes

Setting Conversion Tracking

Setting the pricing method

automated pricing

Manual pricing

CPA Pricing

Ad Extensions (Google Adword Extension)

Types of ad extensions

What is Google adwords platform?

An advertising service provided by Google, specifically a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, the advertiser or business owner pays for each click made on his ad. Unlike other advertising platforms, Google offers advertisers two basic ways to reach people:

1- Google search network

2- Google ad network

This platform appeared in the year 2000 as Google adwords and then in 2018 its name was changed (Rebranding) to Google Ads, but the first name remained the most popular and used by many people.


How to create an account on (Google adwords)

At first you will need an email address and a website address for your company, if you do not have a company or website for your product? Don't worry you can advertise too, but it's better to have a professional online store

To create your Google adwords account, follow these steps:

Log in to Get More Customers With Easy Online Advertising

You will find the site as in the image below, click on Sign in to create an account and follow the simple steps that will appear to you until your account is activated. The process of creating and activating the account will only take a few minutes, if you already have an account, skip this step.

To create your Google adwords account, follow these steps

Google adwords platform features

An effective platform that can attract customers and increase traffic to your site or store - this is what every store owner wants - leading to increased sales.

They allow you to create and share excellent, accurate ads according to your preferences, via mobile or the web.

Your ads can appear on YouTube, Blogger, and the Google Display Network.

This platform provides another great feature. Over time, Google helps you analyze your ad campaigns and see which ones have performed better, with the aim of optimizing your next ad campaigns, expanding your business, and increasing customers.

You can advertise on them even on a small budget:

In fact, the limited budget may be the biggest obstacle facing some advertisers, some platforms need a high budget, to display high-quality ads, but in this service, no matter how expanding or large your company, you can advertise in proportion to your budget, and you can pause advertising or stop it permanently at any time.


 But we must also point out to you that the Google adwords platform can be expensive sometimes, especially in some industries and areas where the competition is intense but in any case it is a worthwhile investment. You can design a strong advertising campaign and make the best use of this service, then you will have spent your money on what it is worth.


Are ads on the platform (Google adwords) fruitful and worth a try?

Does this platform really have a wide and great resonance and can you make a difference in your online store? I will not tell you that Google is the most famous search engine, you of course know that and you do not need confirmation from me, but I will give you some clues that will then decide for yourself whether it is an effective advertising platform or not.


Let's see some stats together:


3.5 billion (yes, I didn't misspell, a billion, not a million) searches are done daily on Google from a smartphone or desktop.

The volume of searches on Google increases by an average of 10% every year.

90% of searches for a specific product are done by Google.

35% of searches on the web, not on the phone, are done through the search engine Google.

Google in the USA only accounts for 95% of searches through a smartphone.


You may now see the extent of the expansion, spread, and enormous popularity of the Google search engine, compared to the rest of the other search engines, through documented statistics and not sent words. This is what made this service trusted and used by many advertisers and one of their most important paid marketing strategies.


Terms you must know before starting your first advertising campaign

Now that you have a background about the Google adwords service and what it is and its features, you must know some important terms, which you will need to deal with each of them directly, so you must know them first before launching your first advertising campaign on Google.

Terms you must know before starting your first advertising campaign

Now that you have a background about the Google adwords service and what it is and its features, you must know some important terms, which you will need to deal with each of them directly, so you must know them first before launching your first advertising campaign on Google.

1- Ad placement (Google adwords Rank)

This term means the position of your ad and your rank relative to any other ads in the same industry or industry. Ad position and rank are based on the maximum ad pricing multiplied by the quality rate, and we will mention the quality rate later.

2- Bidding

(Google adwords) is based on a pricing system where you choose as an advertiser the maximum you would like to pay for each click on your ad. Remember, the more money you pay, the higher your ad rank will be than the rest of the ads, as we've explained. There are three basic payment and pricing options:

Cost Per Click II (CPC): The amount of money you pay to click on an ad.

Cost Per Mille II CPM: The amount of money you pay for a thousand impressions when your ad is shown to a thousand people.

Cost Per Engagement II CPE: The cost per interaction, specifically the amount of money you pay when someone interacts with the ad in a predetermined way such as liking the ad.


3 - Conversion Rate

This is a measure of total visits to your page or product through advertising. A high conversion rate is a good indicator that your ad is excellent and provides an easy user experience, free from complexity and difficulty in accessing product information, as one of the elements that is given great attention is ensuring an easy user experience that meets the needs of the customer, and facilitates the next step that should be taken It has to take to convert it from a simple customer to a buyer according to the buyer's conversion funnel Content Funnel.


4- Campaign Type

It focuses on the type of advertising campaign that you will conduct to promote the product, which is divided into 3 types:

Google adwords ads on the search network Search Ads Its meaning is clear from the name, they are text ads that appear between search results, and often appear on the front of the first page in Google, as this page is what people search the most.

Google adwords ads on the Google Display Network Display Ad: Display ads that are embedded within different web pages, usually displayed on web pages within the Google Display Network.

Video Ads: Short video ads ranging from 5 seconds to 16 seconds in length that appear on YouTube

A short video ad promoting an organization before the start of a YouTube video. Google also provides a Bump machine to produce short videos that you can use in advertisements.


5- Ad Extensions

A feature that will save you some money, through which you can include additional information about your ad without additional fees, we will talk about it in detail at the end of the article.

6- Keywords

Words or phrases that correspond to what the pioneers of the search engine Google are searching for, the advertiser selects keywords based on the searches he wants to display ads in. You should also know the concept of the term negative keywords ie those words that you do not want to include or target in your ad, you will understand their purpose in detail in the step of adjusting account settings.

As you can see in the following image, when I used a keyword which is Moisturiser for oily skin, ads appeared in the search results on the left side of the screen for products closely related to the keyword, and also displayed the website to direct the user to the action that the owners of the product want, which is the purchase process, We also talked about providing an easy and hassle-free user experience.

The article will be updated, do not forget to come back to us

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