New update for WhatsApp for iPhone only

New update for WhatsApp for iPhone only


The WhatsApp application intends to launch new features that have been long awaited by users, in the new update for iPhone phones related to the grace period to delete messages, the number of group members, and many other features that we will review here.

WhatsApp extends the message scanning period to two days instead of an hour

The global messaging application WhatsApp has developed the feature to delete messages. Previously, the feature allowed users to delete a message within an hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds of sending it, but now the grace period for deleting the message will reach 60 hours, which means two and a half days, and this is supposed to give Users have enough time to delete a message they didn't mean to send.

WhatsApp allows you to transfer messages from Android to iPhone

The feature of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone is one of the most requested features by users over the past years, as there was no easy way to transfer the message archive when moving from Android to iPhone, and the available methods often required the purchase of external applications at a high cost.

Therefore, Watyab officially intends to provide the feature of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, which will maintain the security or encryption of messages from end to end, meaning that no third party away from the sender and receiver can view the messages.

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

The process of transferring WhatsApp archives from Android to iPhone depends on the “Transfer to iOS” application that Apple provides for Android phones, and it can be downloaded easily to help them move to the iPhone. The application used to allow the transfer of contacts, calendar and SMS messages from Android to iPhone.

Now, when setting up a new iPhone, users can choose “Transfer Data from Android,” and then follow the steps through the “Move to iOS” app on their Android phone.

After completing the setup, the user only has to open the WhatsApp application and register with the same phone number to show all the chats and attachments that it contains directly on the iPhone.

It is worth noting that there are some conditions, as the process of transferring WhatsApp message archives from Android to iPhone requires a new iPhone or restore factory settings to iPhone, meaning that the feature supports new iPhones only.

The transfer process also requires an Android phone running Android 5 and later versions up to Android 12, and an iPhone running iOS 15.5, and the feature is now available to all users.

WhatsApp allows the feature to increase the number of group members and increase the sizes of files sent

The new WhatsApp update for iPhone includes doubling the number of members in groups, as it allowed group administrators to add 512 members to one group, where it was previously only 256 members, which facilitates communication between employees in institutions and companies.

Through this step, the platform seeks to compete with other applications such as Telegram, which allows adding more than 100,000 users to a single channel, noting that the new feature will be gradually rolled out to users.

In addition, there is another huge feature with the latest update of the WhatsApp application on iPhone phones. With the new update, WhatsApp users can share large files, by increasing the maximum file size that can be sent through the platform from 100 MB to 2 GB.

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