Can search results be published with more than one keyword?

Can search results be published with more than one keyword?


Can search results be published with more than one keyword?

The main goal behind SEO is to get the search results out and get the most visitors to your site. Therefore, it is usual for each website or blog owner to find a long list of keywords that seek to create his website pages and articles to top the first search results for these words.

Keywords are divided into short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Perhaps the usual thing is for the content writer to choose a specific keyword and then build the article on it and try to rank the search results with it, but what if you can appear in the first search results for additional keywords as well?

Can search results be published with more than one keyword in one article?

According to a research study by Ahrefs, the page that tops the search results for a particular keyword, appears in the first search results for the equivalent of 957 additional keywords. But we all know it's hard to get to the first search results page especially if your site or blog is relatively new.

But even if you appear on the 20 search results page, then you can appear in the search results for up to 225 additional keywords. So don't be surprised if you get many visitors to a particular article even though you are not on the first page of search results for your keyword that you targeted, you may be on top for one of the other keywords.

Can search results be published with more than one keyword in one article

It's no surprise that thousands of verbose keywords appear on a single page in search results, but what about keywords with a high search volume? Can search results be issued for a number of keywords with a large search volume? And if this is possible, how many of those words can one page appear in search results?

How many keywords can a page rank in search results?

Well, the previous study found, that the possibility of search results for more than one keyword depends primarily on the volume of search for these words. For example, search results on several keywords come from words with a large search volume of more than 10,000 searches per month, it will be more difficult than words with a relatively lower search volume of about 1,000 searches per month.

The study revealed that 84% of the pages can top the search results for one keyword only when targeting the first type of keywords with a large search volume. While 10.1% of the pages can top the search results on two keywords when targeting the same type of keywords.

While about 35% of pages can top the search results for only one keyword when targeting the latter type of keywords that have a search volume of about 1,000 searches per month. About 65% of pages can top search results on at least two or three keywords when targeting the same type of keyword.

What do you do to top the search results with more than one keyword?

Although it is difficult to come out with search results with more than one keyword, previous statistics prove that it is still possible. If you have the required skill and quality to top the search results for a particular keyword, it is possible to top the search results for many other words even if they are not keywords for you.

But what are the common characteristics between the pages that were able to produce search results with more than one keyword? Well, it can be said that any of the factors that helped those pages to rank for a particular keyword are the same factors that helped them to rank above the rest of the words; From carefully choosing keywords, internal links, building backlinks, and more.

1. Create polished content

Perhaps the shortest way, and the most important factor in getting search results, is to prepare refined content that aims to provide real value and benefit to users or readers in the first place, and takes into account the criteria of search engines in the second place. It depends on choosing the right topics that are relevant to your field of specialization or services, and at the same time your clients are looking for them.

Choosing important topics that have a large search volume means that there are many important keywords that can be targeted and topped on later. Unlike other topics that are not popular enough to provide you with a large number of keywords while writing about it.

You can simply take this task off your shoulders by hiring a professional content writer through a freelance site, the largest Arab freelance platform. To take over the task of producing strong content that is well prepared for search engines.

2. Tweak verbose keywords

When you choose keywords, you will find some of those words are phrases of 4 or more words and are defined as long-form keywords. There are many reasons why you should target long-form keywords instead of short ones. But in general, you will be more likely to rank in the first search results if you use more verbose and focused keywords, because they will attract more quality and valuable visitors who are actually interested in your products, services, or even your content.

3. Don't increase your target keywords

Some people think that the more keywords there are, the higher the chance that search results will appear in as many of them as possible, but this is definitely not true. Keep in mind that it's not just about your main keyword.

So, take a look at the advanced search results for that keyword, look for the keywords that appear in a higher order as well, and look closely at the search volume for those additional words. You can use an SEO tool to find synonyms or related keywords known as LSI Keywords.

You may find during your search that some competing pages are leading search results for a keyword that is not related to the topic you are talking about, so be careful that you do so. It's best to find keywords that are only relevant to your topic, and don't try to cover many different points outside the main treatment angle of the article at once.

4. Backlinks are not everything

SEO is different now than it was 5 or 10 years ago, when it was all about building backlinks. Despite the importance of building links, especially internal ones, but now Google has an artificial intelligence that analyzes the content, and considers it the first factor for ranking search results pages.

So if you are writing an article on mental health, and you find it topping the search results with the keywords “mental health” and “how to lose weight” you may see this article lose its ranking in search engines quickly. This will increase your site's bounce rate, which will give negative signals to Google as a measure of poor content, and thus lose your advanced ranking on search results pages.

5. The length of the content may indirectly affect

So far, word count has not been proven to be a direct factor in ranking in search results. But if you want to appear in search results with more than one keyword, the number of words will definitely make a difference. Logically, the longer the content and the higher the number of words, the more you can cover the topic more naturally with more verbose keywords within the article, not to mention the increase in the number of internal links.

This is not only speculation, but according to the statistics revealed by the aforementioned study. Articles with more words tend to rank in the top 10 results for more keywords. It also tends more to lead the search results and appear in the first result with more than one keyword.


Google's artificial intelligence algorithms are rapidly evolving, and the focus has become more on the quality and value of content and its real benefit to visitors, but this does not mean that search engine optimization should be neglected. Here is a summary of the tips that will help you to lead search results with more than one keyword:

  • Choose keywords with a search volume of no more than a thousand searches per month.
  • Use verbose keywords.
  • Use search engine optimization tools to find synonyms or LSI Keywords.
  • Write refined topics that are closely related to your site or field of specialization.
  • Do not neglect the internal linking between the content of your pages, it is very important.
  • Do not target more than one keyword.
  • Create more focused verbiage content, without verbosity or repetition and filler.

If you perform these steps, you will not be surprised if you find the article appears at the top of search results with more than one keyword, and it can even top search results. You can also hire a professional SEO expert through an independent platform - the largest Arab platform for freelance work - to perform search engine optimization tasks and help you improve your site's ranking in search results pages.

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