Xbox TV streams games on Samsung TVs without a platform

Xbox TV streams games on Samsung TVs without a platform


Microsoft announced its intention to launch the Xbox TV app on Xbox TV on June 30, which allows users to play Xbox games without the need for a console.

The software giant has partnered with Samsung to bring the new Xbox gaming experience to the manufacturer's smart TVs.

The application is launched in 27 countries. Microsoft says it's bringing the app to Samsung smart TVs first. It also plans to explore other television partnerships in the future.

The company notes that playing Xbox games on Samsung smart TVs gives Game Pass Ultimate members instant access to more than 100 cloud-enabled games, including Game Studios games on the same day they are released. Fortnite is free to stream even if you're not a Game Pass Ultimate member.

You can start playing through the new app by accessing it from the Samsung Gaming Hub and logging into your existing Microsoft account.

And if you're new to Game Pass Ultimate, you can sign up directly in the app. You then have to connect a Bluetooth-enabled controller such as Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Elite Series 2 or DualSense Controller.

Samsung Smart TVs Get Xbox TV
It just got easier to play games across your devices,” said the company's vice president of Xbox gaming experiences and platforms. And with Game Pass Ultimate and a controller, you can step into the gaming world and connect with your friends and communities on Xbox.

Microsoft notes that this method is suitable for people who are new to playing games. They can play without having to buy a computer or console.

The launch indicates that the company is focused on increasing revenue through game content and services, not just through platform sales.

Later this year, Microsoft plans to allow Game Pass Ultimate members to play through the cloud with select games they own or purchased outside of the Xbox Game Pass library.

The company also announced that the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta is opening its doors to players in Argentina and New Zealand. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in those countries can now play games from the cloud on Apple and Android phones, tablets, Windows PCs, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and soon on Samsung Smart TVs.

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