Microsoft brings new gaming experiences to its browser

Microsoft brings new gaming experiences to its browser


Microsoft has announced that its Edge web browser is getting a number of new features that prioritize cloud gaming integration and browser customization.

Microsoft is constantly increasing and improving Xbox Cloud Gaming support across multiple platforms.

The company is clearly taking steps to improve this cross-browser service by providing it with more advanced gaming features.

Some additions include a dedicated gaming homepage that provides easier access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, and a built-in efficiency mode that reduces browser resource usage when playing the game.

Edge also gets Clarity Boost to help improve the accuracy of cloud-streamed games.

Edge users can also look forward to a menu included with browser-based games such as Microsoft Solitaire and Atari Asteroids.

In theory, these changes should help improve cloud gaming performance.

Microsoft announces Project Moorcroft

The company is developing Project Moorcroft, a program designed to provide early demos of the game to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

The demos are similar to the limited levels and early samples of the games. And those early game demos have largely fallen out of favor when moving to virtual gaming conferences during the pandemic.

Demo shows like this are key for indie game developers trying to raise awareness of games. The company describes Project Moorcroft as a way to relive that E3-like experience.

Game demos need a lot of work for developers, especially the preparation phase during the regular annual E3 conference.

And while E3 isn't happening in person this year, Microsoft is developing this program to financially reward developers who want to spend the time creating these demos.

The company said: “We have prepared the program and organized it so that the developers receive financial compensation for the game that benefits them financially, as well as benefit from the feedback as well.”

The Morecroft project is still in development within the company. But the plan is for curated game demos to start appearing within the next year.

As a result the initial focus is on independent developers. Any game developer is compensated and gets to see how their demos are performing.

Project Moorcroft is another part of the Xbox platform announcements for 2022. Later this month, the company is bringing a new Xbox TV app to Samsung Smart TVs.

The company is also expanding Xbox Cloud Gaming to Argentina and New Zealand. In addition to soon allowing most Xbox games to be played through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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