SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS Marketing Best Practices


SMS Marketing

Most startups use traditional and well-known methods to promote their products and services, such as marketing through advertisements in roads, television, radio, newspapers and magazines, in addition to paper publications such as brochures. Today we are reviewing the best modern marketing method, which is SMS marketing.

In the past few years, marketing methods have evolved into electronic means such as content marketing, social media marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, as well as affiliate marketing systems.

However, despite the increasing use of smartphones, these companies did not think to delve into marketing via SMS or so-calledSMS Marketing”.

What is SMS Marketing ?

SMS marketing is one of the most effective means of digital promotion, as it enables you to communicate with large numbers of users at one time and very quickly, with the ability to set target segments and groups, with the click of a button, your ad reaches large numbers of customers in Standard time.

Why SMS Marketing ?

Low cost in sending advertising ads to a large number of customers, unlike other means such as TV marketing or paid advertising campaigns. The estimated average price for this service: is $150 to reach over 5,000 customers directly.

  • Quick access to customers, after sending your ad, an alert will appear directly in the user’s device with the arrival of the message. It takes 7 seconds for the arrival of SMS messages to most mobile phone customers, some other marketing methods are also fast, but nothing compares to SMS in terms of speed and effectiveness.
  • Ensuring that the advertising message is received and read by the intended audience; Studies have confirmed that more than 75% of smartphone users check their phones 15 minutes after they wake up.
  • Ease and smoothness of control and management of messages, you can stop sending messages temporarily and re-send them at any time. You can also send a unified message to a certain group of numbers or several messages to the same user, or divide one message into several messages that reach the user at successive times, as well as ease Control the budget allocated to advertising.
  • The ability to accurately and easily reach the target age group or the group interested in your advertising field, in terms of age, gender, city or region.
  • The ability to save messages for a long time in the user's device until they are read.

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