YouTube supports 1080p Premium quality video playback

YouTube supports 1080p Premium quality video playback


Google has started launching a new feature for the YouTube service, which provides higher quality viewing of video clips for YouTube Premium subscribers. Subscribers can choose “1080p Premium” from the video quality settings menu via the web or through the YouTube application for smartphones.

And (Paul Pennington), a YouTube spokesperson, confirmed in a statement to The Verge that the option is currently available to a small group of (YouTube Premium) subscribers, and it will be gradually introduced to all subscribers.

The 1080p Premium option improves picture quality regardless of the device used. The new option differs from the traditional 1080p option in that it displays video at a higher Bitrate data transfer rate. Although the resolution is the same in both cases, the data transfer rate and color depth can play a big role in a better viewing experience. A higher data rate provides more information per pixel, resulting in better picture quality, even when compared to videos with Higher resolution if it has a lower data transfer rate.

The regular 1080p resolution of YouTube offers between 8 and 10 Mbps of data transfer rate. While Google did not state the data transfer rate for 1080p Premium, some users who got the feature reported that the number is as high as 13 Mbps.

Different broadcast services provide a different data transfer rate, as the rate at Netflix reaches 16 Mbps, and at Apple TV + service it reaches 30 Mbps, and it is considered the best broadcast service in terms of data transfer rate, knowing that this number is not fixed. It varies according to the accuracy of watching the video and the user's internet speed.

It is worth noting that Google had announced yesterday another new feature in YouTube, which is dubbing videos that allow content to be provided in several languages.

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