Report: Apple plans to launch mixed reality glasses at a low price in 2025

Report: Apple plans to launch mixed reality glasses at a low price in 2025


Today, Friday, the famous analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) published his new predictions about the upcoming mixed reality glasses from Apple, just one day after a report from the (Nikkei Asia) newspaper that talked about the ongoing work in this field.

The newspaper reported that the American technology giant had chosen Luxshare to help it develop augmented reality glasses, marking the first time that Apple chose a Chinese supplier to develop the first generation of one of its products.

Kuo's expectations are consistent with Nikkei Asia's report, as he said that Pegatron is expected to transfer the augmented reality and mixed reality development team and production materials to Luxcaseict, a joint venture between China's Luxshare and Taiwanese Pegatron, in the half. The first of 2023.

Kuo believes that Luxshare's assumption of product design and production will lead to subsequent acceleration in reducing the cost of the glasses, which is what Apple is seeking.

The analyst expects that Apple's shipments of the first generation of its glasses will be very low, possibly due to the high price. However, he revealed that the company will launch two models of the second generation of the glasses: high specifications and low specifications. He stated that Luxcaseict and Foxconn will develop both models, which will be launched, according to the current schedule, during 2025.

It is noteworthy that Apple has not yet announced or even acknowledged plans to launch glasses for mixed reality. However, Bloomberg news agency has published many reports about the company's strategy in this field over the past period, and recently said that the company plans to announce the first generation of its glasses during the month of June.

According to (Nikkei Asia), Apple may offer the upcoming augmented reality glasses at a price ranging between 3,000 and 5,000 USD, especially since the cost of producing the micro OLED screen, which is originally used in military glasses, is very expensive, as the price of the screen is about 150 USD. And each glasses need two screens. In addition, there are costs for other components of the eyeglasses.

An executive familiar with the development told the newspaper: “The first generation of augmented reality devices from Apple will be very expensive, and may only attract tech geeks or wealthy customers. However, Apple hopes to reduce the price of the second generation of the device, which is being developed in parallel, to be within the price range of advanced Mac computers, and hopes to attract a large user base.

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