Al-Taie and Al-Fateh

Al-Taie and Al-Fateh


The date of the match between Al-Taei and Al-Fateh

 The date of the match between Al-Ta’i and Al-Fateh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered one of the most important matches of the Saudi League in the fourth round, has been set. Therefore, you may know the important times according to Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Makkah, and those times are as follows:

 This match will be Cairo time in the Arab Republic of Egypt at 5:55 pm.

 While that match will be held in Mecca time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at 6:55 pm.

 In addition, that match in Abu Dhabi time in the UAE will be at 7:55 pm.

 The schedule of the matches of the Saudi League, Roshan 2022, the fourth round

 After the schedule of the Saudi League matches has been determined in Saudi Arabia, especially the fourth round, which is the most important round through which all matches can be watched with enthusiasm, you can get acquainted with the match schedule through the following points, which includes about 14 teams across the entire Kingdom

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