Samsung announces gaming center for its smart TVs

Samsung announces gaming center for its smart TVs


Samsung announced the launch of its Game Center in all of its smart TVs for 2022, providing the best content for game streaming and gaming experiences without the need for additional hardware or downloads.

Announced during CES 2022, Game Center is a streaming gaming discovery platform where gamers can discover and play the games they love from partners like Microsoft Xbox, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Utomik, and soon Amazon Luna.

The Game Center provides better, faster and more convenient access to all the games inside Samsung TVs, including the Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLEDs and Smart Monitor series, connecting the company's hardware and software expertise for an optimal gaming experience.

"The Game Center combines Samsung's leadership in streaming technology with our expertise in building the latest hardware, removing barriers to entry so people can only play," the company said. By expanding partnerships across leading game streaming services and curated recommendations from experts, gamers are able to easily browse and discover games from the widest selection available, regardless of platform.

Powered by the Tizen operating system, Game Center gives gamers instant access to games from partners as well as their gaming and PC platforms.

Gamers can use Bluetooth-enabled accessories with the Game Center without having to purchase new hardware.

This makes it easier to access the games. In addition, users can see expertly curated recommendations based on the latest and most popular games.

Samsung announces a platform to discover game streaming

The Game Center also integrates music and streaming services to provide access to more entertainment options while gaming. The Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify platforms can be accessed directly from the Game Center experience menu.

Gamers can get the latest gaming news, watch tutorials, stream music and podcasts, and watch trailers from the most anticipated games.

Players across the 2022 Samsung Smart TV lineup also get a premium gaming experience. This happens thanks to advanced motion optimizations and latency reduction technology.

Samsung's latest lineups offer faster decoding and improved buffer control technology. This reduces input lag by more than 30% on average compared to previous models.

In addition, Samsung's latest AI optimization technology improves gaming graphics. This provides 4K and 8K resolution with high color and clarity.

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