Amazon collects and sells store analytics data to brands

Amazon collects and sells store analytics data to brands


Amazon has announced that it is launching a new real-time analytics service for retail stores that provides brands with insights into the performance of their products, promotions and ad campaigns.

The new service, called Store Analytics, provides brands with anonymous insights into their products in the US Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores that use Just Walk Out and Dash Cart technologies.

The company says the new service gives brands access to information about how their products are discovered, considered and purchased, which will then help them make informed decisions about promotions and advertising campaigns.

Brands also get access to anonymous data about how their products rank and perform. The service also provides performance metrics for in-store campaigns, such as digital signage.

On the other hand, these ideas help Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh improve the shopper experience by making it easier to design the store for shoppers to find their favorite items and discover new ones.

The ideas also help stores improve product selection and availability. The company notes that insights also help stores deliver relevant promotions and ads.

Amazon confirmed that the data collected is aggregated and anonymous and does not contain any personal information. The company says it does not share anything that can be associated with individual shoppers.

The data that is shared includes totals, averages, and percentages about product, promotion, and campaign performance.

"We do not share personal information about shoppers," the company said in a blog post. As a result, the data that brands receive will never include details. Furthermore, no video or photos of shoppers will be shared with the brands as part of this service.

Amazon service provides brand insights into product and advertising performance

Shoppers who do not want the data to be used within store analytics can opt out via the service's website.

  • Shoppers who choose to opt out can still use Just Walk Out and Dash Carts in-store technology.
  • Store analytics helps brands develop and improve their assortment, marketing and advertising over time.
  • Just Walk Out technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors, computer vision and deep learning technologies to allow customers to shop and then leave the store without waiting in line to check out.

Since its launch in 2018, Just Walk Out technology is now used in some Whole Foods, Starbucks and stadiums.

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