WhatsApp wants to let you leave groups silently

WhatsApp wants to let you leave groups silently


WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to silently leave group chats hosted on the messaging platform instead of notifying all group members when they do so and without posting a notification that everyone can see.

And if you currently choose to leave a WhatsApp group, the app posts a notification that anyone can see in the chat.

This probably isn't a big deal in most cases, unless the group includes relatives or friends who tend to wonder why you're leaving.

The platform officially allows up to 256 people to join a single chat group. This can lead to a lot of joins and departures during the conversation.

It may also distract other members. But the platform seems to realize that making one's departure less obvious may be the safer default option.

And the app keeps notifying group admins that you've left when the feature becomes available. But no one else will know unless you tell them.

The feature was first reported when Meta spoke in April about the Communities feature, which people can use to combine separate group chats under one umbrella with a structure that works for them.

And the WABetaInfo platform obtained a screenshot of the WhatsApp beta application for computers showing an exit message saying: Only you and the group admins are notified that you have left the group.

WhatsApp only notifies group admins when they leave

The feature is also supposed to be rolled out to the WhatsApp mobile app when it becomes available for computers.

And if you don't want specific contacts to add you again or add you to another group chat with them, it is always possible to block them from doing so.

Under the account's privacy settings, you can choose who can add you to groups, with the "Everyone", "My contacts" and "My contacts except..." options for people you exclude.

The platform is also testing link previews in status updates. Sharing a link in a status update currently only returns the URL.

While Link Previews shows a preview of the linked website, giving users an idea of ​​what content they would expect to see if they visited the web page.

The preview may include an image from the target website, a title, a meta description, and a URL.

The platform did not provide any details about when these new features will be released to the public while they are being developed under the auspices of beta testers.

The last major rollout of new features across the platform earlier this month included emoji reactions. Plus larger file transfers and larger batches.

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