Microsoft brings Android 12.1 to Windows 11

Microsoft brings Android 12.1 to Windows 11


May 21 2022

Microsoft has announced an update that upgrades the version of Android that runs on your computer and helps make apps work better.

It is clear that the software giant is not satisfied with what it has achieved when it comes to the system that allows Windows 11 to run Android applications.

This update, version 2204.40000.15.0, brings several improvements, including the Windows subsystem for Android now running Android 12.1.

The Windows Subsystem update for Android is currently available for testing to Windows Insider subscribers. The main improvement is to update the Android version that supports the ability of Windows to run mobile applications.

The current year version appears to be using Android 11. But the version Microsoft is testing is running Android 12.1, also known as Android 12L.

This means that if you have a phone from any company other than Google, your computer is running a newer version of Android than your phone.

The update also brings improvements to how Android apps integrate with Windows. Pop-up messages from apps may now appear as Windows notifications, and the taskbar is able to show whether an Android app is accessing your microphone or your location.

Update clarifies Microsoft's commitment to Android apps

Microsoft also says Android apps should work better after you wake your computer from standby. Instead of restarting, they should pick up where they left off.

The company said it has completely redesigned the Settings app you use to manage the Windows subsystem for Android, bringing settings together and providing a simpler user experience.

Various improvements have also been made to how Android apps access the computer's camera. It has also improved network capabilities so you can set up smart home devices using an Android app running through your computer.

While these are significant improvements, you may want to put off trying the feature yourself for the time being, as it's currently rolling out through the Dev channel, which means you're more likely to run into bugs and crashes outside of your running Android apps.

The company warns that upgrading to Android 12.1 may cause some apps to fail to run. The company says it is working with partners to address these issues as soon as possible before they reach consumers.

It is useful to users of the company's interest in Android applications, and the big changes confirm that Microsoft is committed to this feature for the time being.

The company also added a diagnostic data viewer with information on all the data collected by the subsystem. With optional diagnostic data disabled by default. Other upgrades include support for VP8 and VP9 hardware decoding and the presence of Chromium 100.

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