How do you hire a professional mobile app developer?

How do you hire a professional mobile app developer?


How do you hire a professional mobile app developer

During the current year 2020, the number of applications on the Google Play Store has reached nearly 3 million applications. So, if you own a project at the moment, or intend to launch a new project, and you think that create an app for your business

 may contribute to its success, then there is no doubt that hiring a professional application developer through an independent platform is the best option.

application developer skills

A mobile application developer needs to possess many skills to work in this field with the required efficiency, starting with proficiency in the programming language used in the implementation, as the programming language varies according to the platform being worked on, as it uses the Java language with Android applications, and the Swift language with IOS applications.

Proficiency in using some of the reliable frameworks for application development, such as the React Native framework. In addition to a good knowledge of the basics of user interface design and user experience, to be able to imagine the appropriate design that is more attractive to users, making the application easier to use, and other factors that the user cares about and control the decision of whether or not to use the application.

A mobile app developer also needs to know all about the process of adding apps on app stores like Google Play or Apple Store. And knowing the things he has to take care of so that the app gets the necessary approval to add it to the store. No one wants to work on an app, spend effort and expense, and then discover a problem that prevents the app from being added to the store.

How do you hire a professional application developer?

After you have the project idea, and a visualization of the mobile application design that matches your project, you can start the journey of searching for a professional application developer who is able to turn your idea into reality. So, the first step is to write a detailed presentation of your project on a freelancer, so that you receive offers from the best mobile app developers on a freelance site. To write a clear presentation of your project, pay attention to the following points:

Project scope

Specify all the project requirements you need precisely, starting with the platform you want to launch the application on, whether you will direct your attention to Android, IOS, Windows or any other system, taking into account the possibility of implementation on more than one platform at the same time. And if there is a specific framework you would like to use, make sure you find the right mobile app developer.

Pay attention in this case because it is not necessary to find an application developer who can work on all systems at the same time, this depends on the programming languages ​​that each developer is fluent in, and therefore make sure to clarify the system required in the project, and if you need you can contract with more than one developer, so that it works Each of them is on the system they are good at, provided that the two projects are eventually integrated through the development of the internal application design itself.

Also indicate all the details that you want to implement within the application and the required pages, and your imagination of the final look that you want the application to be. With the definition of the target audience of the application, as well as all the specifications of the design such as: colors and the commercial logo or any general rules that must be observed for your brand.

Project implementation period

The process of creating and developing an app on the phone takes a long time, because it goes through many different stages. Therefore, it is necessary to specify a project implementation period that corresponds to the details required in the application, taking into account the details of the design and its need for a dedicated time as well, so that it is in the form you want.

Therefore, do not rush to choose the duration of the project, but try to make it compatible with the required needs. You can view previous projects that are similar to yours, so that you will know the average time required to implement this type of project.

proposed budget

The last step in writing a project proposal is to determine the proposed budget for the implementation of the project, and this depends on the details of the application that you want to implement. The cost of an application that contains many details and pages will certainly be greater than an application consisting of a few fixed pages. Therefore, be sure to propose a budget that will enable you to reach the best options for implementing your project.

You can view previous projects that are similar to yours, so that you will know the average proposed budget for the implementation of this type of project. You can also add more details to the project after selecting the right app developer, agreeing on details and additional cost, and then moving on.

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How do you choose the best freelance app developer?

After receiving offers from freelancers wishing to implement your project, the next stage is to evaluate and compare these offers to choose the best one. The selection process does not depend only on the financial cost and time for implementation, but includes a different set of elements that can be evaluated such as:

1. Application developer experience

The experience of a mobile application developer is divided into more than one part, starting from the number of years of experience in the field of application development, passing through the platforms that he is good at working on, up to his proficiency in working in certain industries, so he is more familiar with the nature of the required application and its audience in case the target field matches his previous experiences .

Of course, it is not easy to find an application developer with expertise in all these aspects. These aspects are relative matters that depend on the nature of your project in the first place, but the most important thing is that the application developer has good experience in the field of application development in general and his ability to work in the desired system, so that he can easily understand the nature of your project and work on its implementation.

2. Previous reviews

Previous reviews provide a good picture of the app developer and their ability to get the work done. Viewing the evaluations enables you to know the number of projects that the application developer has previously completed, and the average rating he obtained, with the ability to know the evaluations in specific elements such as: professionalism in dealing, communication and follow-up, quality of the delivered work, even experience in the field of the project, delivery on time, and the extent of desire The customer will deal with him again.

It is also important to read the comments that customers write about their experience with the developer, and if they have any positive or negative comments about the performance of the freelancer, so that you can get a clearer picture of the freelancers and their way of dealing during the implementation of the project, so that you form a picture of the possible situation that will happen with you in the event of your cooperation With one of the independents to implement the project.

3. Business Fair

One of the things that helps you in evaluating freelancers is to take a look at their portfolio and see what projects they have undertaken before in this field. Every application developer is interested in adding all the details about the projects he worked on, the applications he produced, and the steps he followed in implementation.

The Business Gallery helps you evaluate the experience of the future before collaborating with it. It also enables you to understand the way and style of the freelancer’s work, and to anticipate the result that you can get in the end. If you like the design of a particular application that resembles your idea that you want to implement, you can click on “Request similar work” “.

Warning signs

After you finish reading and evaluating all the offers that you got, you can compare them to find the most suitable candidate for your project, who can implement it in the best way, taking into account the cost and duration of implementation that suits you, and then start communicating with him to work on the project. However, there are warning signs that you should pay attention to, such as:

Experience is indispensable to the success of the application

One of the most things that can harm your application and affect the effectiveness of its use, is the presence of problems and crashes that affect its users, you will not be able to get another chance with everyone. Even the experience of one customer may make you lose some of them forever, and if these flaws persist, you may lose everything.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the importance of continuous experience in the success of the application, and to be careful while choosing the appropriate mobile application developer to understand this matter and its ability to implement it without objection or boredom, and the need to make a trial version and then develop it and fix the problems that appear in it, not wait until getting the final version from the app.

Attention to user experience

Application development is not only a software process, but is subject to many other factors, and on top of these factors is the user experience. And how to improve the design of the application so that it suits users, and motivates them more to use it, and places where content is placed such as the call-to-action button, and modify these points in case the audience does not interact with them.

So, when you agree with the mobile app developer, make sure you explain everything about your target audience, so that they can work on this in the best possible way, and try to make the design compatible with them. For example, if the application targets women, its colors will be completely different from the colors of an application aimed at men. The user experience also includes the platform on which you want to launch the app, as Android, IOS and Windows users have different preferences and this should be taken into consideration.

Communication during project implementation

Designing applications usually takes a long time, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to continuous communication with the mobile application developer during implementation, so that you can supervise all the details of the project, and make sure that it is done in the way that suits you, with the required modifications made first.

Therefore, it is important to divide the application implementation process into time stages, and at each stage you receive a part of the project for evaluation and development with the mobile application developer and then enter the next stage, and this means the need to pay attention to his communication skill, not only the technical skills he possesses.

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