fastest wordpress hosting

fastest wordpress hosting


fastest wordpress hosting

If you own a WordPress site that needs a dedicated WordPress hosting instead of shared hosting.

This is in order to get the best rate of performance and speed of loading the site and to secure it from hacking.

This is done through the most important plugins in the best WordPress hosting, which depend on servers with powerful resources.

Therefore, in this article, I will show you solutions to speed up your WordPress site with the best hosting and domain that experts around the world rely on.

The WordPress hosting companies in this guide will help you get advanced results in the Google search engine.

Where all the experts have proven that buying fast WordPress hosting is the solution to overcoming the problem of slow site and low ranking in Google.

You can also move your WordPress site from your old hosting to any WordPress hosting company listed in this guide for free through customer service.

I guarantee you that your site will not stop because it will be transferred by the specialists in the hosting company and transfer the site in the least time and without losing your data.

If you want to start your business properly, you can trust the hosting companies with this guide and you will get distinctive additions that help you outperform the competitors.

These plugins help you secure your site from piracy and maintain a backup copy of the latest update of your site.

Therefore, I have collected for you a guide to the best WordPress hosting that includes the most powerful hosting companies that provide the most important plugins that help in the success of the WordPress site.

  • Google has approved the classification of pages that exceed 3 seconds in loading data as a slow pages and should not be displayed on the first page of search results. So many sites lost the first place and moved up to the fast sites.

What are the main pillars for choosing the best WordPress hosting?

The great thing about the WordPress platform is that it works with any web hosting. Still, if you are a professional and want to get the first results from search engines, you should consider the average data loading time per second for each hosting company to choose the best fast WordPress hosting.

Therefore, one of the essential points that you should consider before buying WordPress hosting in 2022 are:

  1. PHP version 7.2 or higher
  2. MySQL version 5.7 or higher
  3. Support HTTPS Provide (SSL) Certificate
  4. SSD storage space
  5. Provide backup copies of the site
  6. A data center nearby for your visitors

For your information: WordPress hosting is the first factor in the speed of the site, while buying a fast WordPress template compatible with phones and handheld devices occupies the second place, then divide the site structure and plugins in the third place

fastest wordpress hosting 2022

Hosting at loading time

  • Bluehost 0.45 milliseconds
  • HostGator 0.55 milliseconds
  • A to Hosting 0.42 milliseconds
  • Interserver 0.32 ms
  • Fast Comet 0.45 milliseconds
  • Green jacks 0.59 milliseconds
  • Motion host 0.47 milliseconds
  • iPage hosting 0.51 ms
  • Dreamhost 0.38 milliseconds

How do I choose professional WordPress hosting?

WordPress is a great operating system but at the same time it needs a powerful hosting to get the best performance.

The professional always has a history of using the WordPress program and knows the basic pillars to get the first results in Google.

Therefore, it is always present in the markets with fierce competition from experts and SEO professionals.

Therefore, he is always looking for the best WordPress hosting that provides tools that protect and speed up the site and outperform the competitors.

It is always better to buy a powerful VPS with powerful features and add-ons, and to rely on a host company that provides fast hosting servers.

The main secret to speeding up WordPress sites is the reliance of the site manager on hosting servers from a reliable company with a well-known brand.

The professional is looking for indispensable features that help him speed up data transfer in less than one second, in addition to protection and guarantee of obtaining technical support at the highest level who knows well the value of customer sites.

Top 5 Features You Should Have in a Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Adding a CDN feature within the package, which enables you to distribute the content to multiple servers around the world to ensure the speed of displaying data in front of visitors anywhere in the world.
  2. Providing paid cash plugins (you get them for free) in addition to cloud servers from the most famous providers in order to speed up data presentation and site browsing in front of visitors.
  3. Choosing the DataCenter closest to your site visitors gives you high speed.
  4. Hack and malware feature to keep your site from hacking and malware.
  5. The necessity of having a Staging Environment to try any addition or update on the site in a separate copy from the main site to ensure that the site works without any damages.

And finally, it is the daily backup and the ability to access a backup copy on a specific date to ensure that you return to the latest version of the site without errors.

These are all add-ons that professionals only know are important in order to reach the top in front of competitors and ensure a presence on the first pages of Google.

Accordingly, it should start with managed WordPress hosting companies

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