how to set up nest aware subscription

how to set up nest aware subscription

how to set up nest aware subscription Nest Aware is Google's smart home subscription service, adding benefits for cameras, speakers, doorbells, and more. But how exactly do you set up a Nest Aware account? Where is the feature located in the associated mobile apps and do you need to use a specific app to get started?

These questions are not as common as they can be guessed or thought of at any moment. After all, both the Google Home app and Nest are a plethora of menus and submenus that users must navigate to access any of the available options. Nest Aware, though not as deeply buried, is still among those.

Fortunately, this is also exactly what this guide aims to explain. So, if you're looking for a how-to guide to setting up Nest Aware, the following instructions should get you on the right track. If you are looking for how to uninstall Nest Aware, this other guide can help you with that.

The cost of a submarine brings great benefits

Now, the benefits of a Nest Aware subscription are still there, no matter what camera-enabled device you own. Of course, there are also differences that bring less or more benefits depending on the hardware you have. For example, the latest battery-powered devices don't support 24/7 video recording. But older devices and future Nest cameras will.

how to set up nest aware subscription

Battery-powered devices get 30 days of cloud storage for events with the subscription. And they don't have it without subscribing.

So a subscription will bring you benefits worth the relatively low cost, no matter what devices you use. It will also bring similar benefits to the Google Nest Hub Max. While smart speakers and other gadgets gain other benefits. For the latter devices, advanced audio detection has been added for things like broken glass and smoke alarms.

how to set up nest aware subscription

Here's how to start your Nest Aware subscription for Nest cameras and products

how to set up nest aware subscription The setup for any individual Nest camera or other smart home product will vary. But the Nest Aware subscription will not be set up. This will be the same no matter what products you use. Setup will be easier from your phone, although it can be done from almost any platform. This is the method we will cover here. Although it is similar and it is possible to do this from a computer via the app or Nest website.

The process for accessing the feature also varies somewhat, depending on the app you're using. So we've split this guide into two sections — one dedicated to Google Home (for newer battery-powered devices) and one for older ones. No matter which method you use, it's good to note that you'll need to use the same account used for both apps.

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